microFIT Program

Connecting your microFIT project to Milton Hydro’s Distribution System

The following outlines the process for connecting a micro generation facility (<=10kW) to Milton Hydro’s distribution system under the microFIT program offered by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).

  1. The customer completes a microFIT application on-line on the OPA’s website. http://microfit.powerauthority.on.ca
  2. If the OPA determines that your project meets the microFIT program eligibility requirements, the OPA will update your status to “Pending LDC Offer to Connect”. Proceed to step 3.
  3. The customer must submit a Connection Request to Milton Hydro within 30 days of your status being set to “Pending LDC Offer to Connect” by the OPA. Once Milton Hydro receives the request, we will notify the OPA. Please complete and submit the “microFIT Connection Application“ to microFIT@miltonhydro.com. Click here to download the application form.
  4. Once Milton Hydro receives the completed application from the customer, we will assess the microFIT project for connection feasibility. If the connection is not feasible Milton Hydro will notify the customer of the reason and possible next steps. If the connection is feasible, we will notify the customer if further information or a site visit is required. Once we have all the information we need, we will issue the customer an Offer to Connect within 10 business days. Milton Hydro will also notify the OPA that the project has been issued an Offer to Connect. Note: this step must be completed within 90 days of the original Connection Request to comply with the microFIT Program Rules.
  5. If the microFIT project has received an Offer to Connect from Milton Hydro, the customer should wait for the OPA to issue an Application Approval Notice. Once the Application Approval Notice has been issued, the status will be set to “Pending Connection” and construction of the microFIT project can proceed.
    Note: It is strongly recommended that the customer NOT incur costs on their proposed microFIT project prior to receiving an Application Approval Notice from the OPA
  6. The customer installs the microFIT project and applies to the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) for
    an electrical inspection. Click here for the ESA’s guidelines for micro generation.
  7. The customer submits payment and required documentation to Milton Hydro as outlined in the Offer to Connect, including:
    • Micro-embedded Generation Facility Connection Agreement. Click here to download a copy.
    • A completed Payment Authorization Credit (PAC) form (Click here to download a copy) and voided cheque to allow for Milton Hydro to make generation payments to the customer on behalf of the OPA
    • Payment for connection costs
  8. Milton Hydro sets up a new customer generation account and installs the new generation meter. A onetime account setup
    fee of $30 and a monthly customer charge of $5.25 applies (subject to change as per electric rates).
  9. The ESA provides Milton Hydro with the electrical inspection “Authorization for Connection.”
  10. The customer arranges with Milton Hydro to have their microFIT project connected, as outlined in the Offer to Connect.
  11. Once the microFIT project is connected, Milton Hydro will provide the OPA with the connection details, including project-specific information and the date the microFIT project was physically connected to the distribution system.
  12. The OPA will offer the customer a microFIT Contract and the status will be set to “Contract Offered”.
  13. Once the customer accepts the Contract and the status will be set to “Contract Accepted”.
  14. Milton Hydro will commence settlement of the new generator account at the microFIT contract price.